Certification Details & Bulletin

Updates (7/3/2024):

Thank you for participating in our summer camp! We hope you’re having fun engaging in discussions about AI. Your replies have been very insightful and greatly appreciated—keep up the excellent work!

Important updates:

  1. The camp’s end date has been extended to August 4th, giving you more time to work on your certifications and an opportunity to aim for higher levels.
  2. We’ll be hosting an awards ceremony for all participants on August 4th at our venue at 8080 Yukon.
  3. We’re excited to release our first newsletter done by a Violet Richardson Award Winner! Be sure to check it out for highlights of the camp!
  4. We’re on Social Media! To be updated on the latest notices, make sure to follow our Instagram: @si_vancouver or our Facebook Account: Soroptimist International of Vancouver.

Make sure to refer the camp to your friends, as the extended date allows more people to join and benefit from the experience.

Best Regards,

The Dream It Be It Committee
Soroptimist International of Vancouver


Certification Details:

To earn the certification, the coursework will consist of:

  1. Reading AI-related articles
  2. Listening to AI-related podcasts
  3. Watching AI-related videos
  4. Giving personal responses to the discussion questions

The discussion question responses will be shared on the website’s public forum, providing an opportunity for engagement between participants, so please use appropriate language in your contributions. The responses will be monitored and reviewed before it gets posted on our platform.

To earn the basic certification, you are required to complete at least 3 topics of your choice and the mandatory exclusive topic on AI in Psychology. Completion dates for the coursework are flexible, there are no specific deadlines on certain days or times, allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime. However, note that the certification camp closes on August 4th. On August 4th, there will be an in-person meeting for all the participants to obtain their certification.

Certification Levels:

Basic Certificate: Complete assignments of at least 3 Basic Level topics and the exclusive video on AI in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Research by UBC Professor Jen Burrell.

Silver Certificate: Complete the Basic Certificate requirements and the additional, Advanced for Silver Level topics.

Gold Certificate: Complete the Basic and Silver Certificate requirements plus the additional, Challenge for Gold Level topics.

You have until August 4th to manage your time and pace how you will complete these tasks. Each response should be well-developed, 80 to 100 words in length. There are no right or wrong answers—the questions require opinionated responses.

Benefits of This Certification Camp:

  1. Highlights important AI-related issues
  2. Helps cultivate curiosity and interest in AI-related topics
  3. Boosts confidence by providing base knowledge of AI
  4. Valuable addition to resumes

This camp has been developed with the help of two past Violet Richardson Award Winners.

All communications and updates will be posted in the Bulletin. We look forward to your active participation in the discussions!

Start your journey here: Start: AI TOPICS

Best Regards,

The Dream It Be It Committee
Soroptimist International of Vancouver